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Today I decided to obfuscate my gmail script which contains both my gmail username and password. Initially, I had the files hidden as a dot file, however I decided to use shc to convert my .sh file into a binary file. Then edit the permissions to make it execute only.

Caution: While this method prevents a casual observer from seeing the password in your file, it does not prevent someone who understands shc from reading your files. However, changing the script to a hidden execute only binary is significantly more protected than a hidden script file.

Installing and using shc

You can install shc by running:

pacman -S shc

Now run:

shc -f

This will give two files as the output:


Now test if your binary file works:

chmod +x

If you get ./ Operation not permitted , then you would need to rerun shc. After searching online, I found that you can fix the probelm by rerunning shc with additional flags:

shc -r -v -T -f

Now your binary script should work.

Makeing the binary execute only

Now change to owner of your binary to root using chown:

 sudo chown root

Now use chmod to make the file execute only for those other than you:

sudo chmod 711